Alluminus Rebirth: Taking Control

edited November 2017 in News

After about one year, the Alluminus community has slowly died off. Because Chr Corporation seeks to maintain a continued positive legacy for the future, we have made an executive decision to step in and do everything we can to revive the once great Alluminus Empire.

We acknowledge in order to prosper as a community we need to handle the server just as we would have at it's greatest moments. We also acknowledge many of our valued players may be unhappy with some of the more strict standards that are being implement under our administration; however, we hope that everyone is able to come together and be perceptive enough to realize the changes we have made are fully justified and necessary in order to maintain a positive future for Alluminus. We look forward to seeing you as either a continued member of our wonderful community or a new member looking for a well run minecraft server.

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