New tidings

Good Morning,
Here is a list of all of the changes made with the new update and brief explanations of how everything will affect your gameplay.

The Allium Token System
Donation ranks and regular ranks have been merged
All ranks are now purchasable using tokens
Tokens can be used to buy various other benefits
You can acquire tokens from voting, getting achievements, donating, and more
Use /tokens to get started using the plugin

Chr Corporation Gamemode Manager
Players with access to creative mode are no longer able to duplicate items
There are many gamemode features restricted with this plugin
Due to the plugin, people with gamemode 1 can sell items at the market
This plugin is meant to encourage survival gameplay

We have many custom Alluminus Achievements available
Use /aach list to view a list of achievements
You can check your progress and view rewards from this menu

We have installed and customized the jobs plugin
Use /jobs browse to see a list of jobs and the pay they offer
Use /jobs join to join a specific job
You can switch jobs at any time
The amount of jobs you can hold at one time is dependent on your rank
Alluminus After Dark starts at 10PM EST
All jobs offer double normal pay and job exp during this time

You can now marry a player on the server
This will allow simulated kissing, shared home, private chat, and more
Ask an Admin if you would like to get married!

Chat Reaction
This runs roughly once every 20 minutes
There needs to be at least three people on the server for this to work
You are given an opportunity to unscramble or type a word
The player who does it the fastest is rewarded with 5 tokens

An under the table deal was negotiated with Rubba last week
Bloopchr will be returning to his position as CEO

Things To Come
Pvp arena will be updated and reopened soon
More token shops will be available soon
Extremely deadly weapons will soon be purchasable using tokens

Thank you all for your ongoing support, please contact the customer service department for any questions comments or concerns regarding the server.

-Chr Corporation
Brightening up your day!
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